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I really love my nipple covers

These nipple covers are very nice. They cover, and hide my nipple, so I can wear just about anything. I'm just one happy male with breast, and my nipples don't show.

Stela Nipple Covers
Rose Ellis-Herrera
Stela review

Very nice. I like them

Stela Nipple Covers
Bridget Jaspart

I haven't worn them yet but they are similar to another set I have that I love so I expect them to work the same.

Great product

These covers work exactly as advertised. I wear them inside my regular bra when wearing T-shirts or other smooth fitting clothes. I do not like padded bras, so I was looking for an alternative. These work great!

Stela Nipple Covers
Jeannie Torres

These were perfect.

kind of sticky but do the job

I think they do a wonderful job, they are really sticky even after washing. Not sure why so sticky.

Stela Nipple Covers
Courtney Abernathy

Stela Nipple Covers

Stela Nipple Covers
Sandra Camargo

Literally threw away my strapless bras as soon as i tried this product

Stela Nipple Covers
Elizabeth Mariwalla

Stela Nipple Covers

Comfortable nipple covers

I wear these nipple covers alot. My nipples feels so much better, and I can wear any bra now. Love them.

Very nice nipple cover

I like wearing these nipple covers. My nipples don't get sore from wearing some of my shirts. Sometimes I like wearing a bra over them. I'm happy, I found them.

Tried many but only get these now

I wear pasties instead of a bra nearly daily (stop judging) and when I tried these, they became my staple.
I had a prophylactic nipple-sparing bilateral mastectomy nearly 15 years ago and sport a great looking rack that moves more like muscles. But the only sensation these C-cups feel now is a horrible itch when I wear bras. (Ironically scratching doesn’t help since I can’t feel it.)
So I love that the coverage of these is more broad than many others because they don’t just conceal my nipples, they effectively mask muscle movement that sort of crumples my skin. And they accomplish that while being neither thick nor rigid.
Some of the others compensate for being thicker by having a have a softer, more jelly-like feel. They might effectively conceal nipple coloring but they do little to hide texture differences.
Also, scalloped edges are for strippers; these tapered circles blend much more seamlessly without being like the paper thin margins in others that fold over and become nearly impossible to separate.
And the adhesion on these is wonderful. I give them a little unaggressive hand washing with soap and let them dry next to the sink and they’re as good as new for using many MANY times. And good adhesion is important on these slightly larger ones for me because there’s a little more pressure for my skin to move. With others, I’ve occasionally sweat them off. And there’s nothing worse than looking down and wondering what that flesh-colored yarmulke is doing on your shoe. But these don’t do that.
So yeah, these are amazing and I can only imagine they’d be even better on natural boobs.

Makes me feel so comfortable and carefree!

I really like this product. Buy Stela!

I'm a triathlete and I got these to wear under my super thin swimsuits during training. I've only worn them a couple of times so far, but they worked really well. Even when I got really cold sitting wet in the wind, I didn't poke out.

I used a different brand that was also more expensive. I thought I would try these since they were less expensive and if I lost them no big deal. They adhere so much better than the expensivee ones. These are great!!! Great price and great quality.

Love, love, love these. I am small breasted and love the freedom of not having to wear a bra to cover my nipples. I find bras uncomfortable.I had previously tried the petal shaped nipplle covers, which were good, but these are much better. These are a bit wider, more tapered on the ends, and have smooth edges,

I have tried other products and none compare to how long lasting this one is. With almost daily wear it lasted 6 months!

Stela Nipple Covers
Victoria R.

These have never let me down, great product!

Love not worrying about my nips

Stela Nipple Covers
Elizabeth L.

I've used them many times, washed them many times as well. I wash with warm water and use my gentle cetiphel face wash and stills sticks beautifully. Totally worth the money if you ask me.

Stela Nipple Covers
Isabella F.

I have used these everywhere and for every type of event imaginable and tthey have held up great everytime.

great for everyday!

all my girlfriends use them for the gym after I got them to try them! They havent looked back

love mine for the summer